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VOLUMETRIC REGIMES: Material cultures of quantified presence

Edited by Possible Bodies

Published by
Open Humanities Press 2022
Copyright © 2022 the authors

This is an open access book, licensed under the Collective Conditions for Re-Use (CC4r). You are invited to copy, distribute, and transform the materials published under these conditions, which means to take the implications of (re-)use into account. Read more about the license at

Figures, text and other media included within this book may be under different copyright restrictions. Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and obtain permission to reproduce visual material used in this publication. The editors would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in future editions of this book.

PDF freely available at

ISBN (print): 978-1-78542-116-7
ISBN (PDF): 978-1-78542-115-0

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The cover image is derived from Variable Geometry, an Open Source and cross-platform interpretation by Winnie Soon and Geoff Cox of the software app Multi by David Reinfurt. Multi updates the idea of the multiple from industrial production to the dynamics of the information age. Each cover presents an iteration of a possible 1,728 arrangements, each a face built from minimal typographic furniture, and from the same source code.