X, y, z (4 filmstills)

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x, y, z (4 filmstills)

Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting

The volume of volumetric data that mining companies, hospitals, border agents and gaming industries acquire is ever increasing in scale and resolution. As a result, the usage of powerful software environments to analyse and navigate this digital matter grows exponentially. Imaging platforms draw expertise from computer vision, 3D-visualisation and algorithmic data-processing to join forces with Modern science. Obediently adhering to Euclidean perspective, they efficiently generate virtual volumes and perform exclusionary boundaries on the fly.

To interrogate the consequences of these alignments, x, y, z consists of four film stills from a movie-in-the making. The movie calls for queer rotations and disobedient trans*feminist angles that can go beyond the rigidness of axiomatic axes within the techno-ecologies of 3D tracking, modeling and scanning. It is an attempt to think along the agency of certain cultural artifacts, hopefully widening their possibilities beyond pre-designed ways of doing and being.

First published in Fictional Journal, The Uncanny Issue (2018)