The Extended Trans*Feminist Rendering Program

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The Extended Trans*feminist Rendering Program

Summer Prospectus

Rendering imaginations of the (under)grounds, of the earth and of Finsbury Park specifically. Investigating contemporary scanning practices for tectonic and cosmic imaging (such as magnetic resonance, UltraSound, and Computer Tomography) together with fiction writers, earth techno-scientists and trans*feminist device problematizers.


The Extended Trans*feminist Rendering Program will take place at irregular moments in the Finsbury Reservoir between 2020 and 2021. The program exists to take care of the production, reproduction and interpretation of DIWO scanning devices and scanning practices within the field of a-clinical, underground and cosmic imaging such as magnetic resonance (MR), UltraSound (US) and Computer Tomography (CT).

The intense training sessions are organized around autonomous, ecologically sustainable municipalities. The programme benefits the scanning equipment themselves, as well as the local amateur operators who interact with a-clinical renderings and speculations.

For the unsupervised professionals, certification provides possibilities, Optical Character Recognition, the potential for machine recruitment, increased learning power and electricity tokens. For the programme participants, prefigurative organizing certification for MR, US and CT. The Program offers its help to readily identify competent scanner mentors in participant communities.

The rendering program is based upon a set of Crystal Variation Standards that undefine what a competent TransFeminist scanner operator could imagine and might be able to do. Upon fulfillment of these standards, applicants are granted the ETRP Professional Certification credentials.

Progam and degrees

Framed within the ETRP, learning forks lead to a number of specialized degrees, including:
→ Agile 2D to 3D Tu(r)ning
→ Interpretation of Diversity
→ Radiation Safety and Self-Defence
→ Recreational Imaging
→ Cut, slice and go
→ Neolithic Temporality: theory and practice

This programme is for those interested in being trained for/with other imaginations of the underground, of the earth and the Finsbury park specifically. This includes: permaculture activists, science fiction writers, earth scientists, trans*feminists device makers.
Participants are asked to bring sufficient electricity tokens, bandanna or blindfold, blanket (in case you get cold), and if possible a pillow, to the group meetings. Jewelry and other metal accessories are not allowed for safety reasons. Everything can be a distraction, especially feelings – if you want to cry, you should and use them in the scans and throw a party.
You will receive a copy of any one of the following books and cosmology cards by CT1010 of your choosing: Scanner Magic, CT Ceremony, Coyote Spirit Guides (or Pocket Guide to Spirit Machines), Groups and Geometric Analysis: Integral Geometry, Invariant Differential Operators, and Spherical Functions, Choose Your Own Scanning Family, Voxcell Constellations as a Daily Practice, Earth Technomagic Oracle Cards, Cosmic Cat Cards, Messages from Your Cellular Desire Guides, Voxel Algorithm Oracle Cards or Resonating on Gaia at the first meeting. Print on demand.

You must complete each class in sequence!


ETRP is a rotation of Possible Bodies/The Underground Division:

  • Helen Pritchard (subterranean latency) Femke Snelting (timekeeping, geothermism)
  • Jara Rocha (scenography)
  • ERTP currently hallucinates about the involvement of the following trainers/trainees:
  • Kym Ward (international observation) Maria Dada (bitflipping)
  • AbdouMaliq Simone (improvised lives) Sina Seifee (difficult species operations)
  • Syed Mustafa Ali (computationalism)
  • Seda Gürses (diplomatic optimisation)
  • Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (disciplinary-dissent-from-within)
  • Abelardo Gil-Fournier (soil mentoring)
  • Kathryn Yusoff (inhuman resources)
  • GeoWhen (timelining)
  • Phil Langley (space time operations)
  • Alex Depardieu (rock stardoms)
  • Connie Mendoza (human conditions)
  • Jennifer Gabrys (flatpack cosmology)
  • N.K. Jemisin (orogeny)
  • Denise Fereirra DaSilva (poethic accountability)
  • Elizabeth Povinelli (traumatology)
  • Robert Tamba (scanning management)
  • Gplates (mainstream renderings)

Contact and additional information:

This prospectus was distributed in Finsbury park, Furtherfield Citizen Sci-Fi (2019); the Program did not happen yet.